Imagine if you had your voice heard

There are so many of us who want a better world but feel powerless to create change.
Voices of Warringah will change that.
We have a vision to make us all more connected
We can work together towards common goals
To create a new era for Warringah

What is Voices of Warringah?

We bridge the gap between people and politics. We make your voice count and in doing so, we will change the way the system treats us. We represent your voices as we engage with our political leaders like never before.

This is how democracy works

Warringah is thriving but our community has concerns that need to be heard.
  • It is time to think outside the square.
  • The power belongs to us!
  • We just need to have your voices truly heard and listened to, then represented.

You may have seen us around...

Want to get involved?

You can engage in different ways
  • Attend our events
  • Start or join a conversation - Kitchen table, cafe or BBQ conversation
  • Become a volunteer
  • Send us an email
  • Follow us on social media