Questions asked of our candidates

Below is the full email Voices of Warringah sent to our candidates.
This page includes links to the peak bodies we used to source the questions, as well as the questions in full.
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Dear (Candidate)

Congratulations on accepting the daunting task of running as a candidate at the 2019 General election for Warringah. Warringah will probably be the most closely-watched electorate in 2019. We know that you will want electors to know where you stand on their top issues of concern.

At its heart, Voices of Warringah is a group of passionate locals who wish to improve our democracy. We are not a political party. Our aim is to engage local people to discuss issues identified by them that affect us all and create a voice that truly expresses who we are in Warringah.

Over the past six months we have been communicating with people across Warringah through our Kitchen Table Conversations. These Conversations were a great way for people to discuss and express their views in a safe and welcoming environment. Our Kitchen Table conversations have been held from North Curl Curl to Manly, Mosman, North Balgowlah, and French’s Forest. Through these conversations, we have encountered over one hundred people from all walks of life. They have responded to eight questions relevant to life in Warringah, including: what they value the most about living here; how well represented they feel; and specific questions on issues that are most important to them in the upcoming federal election.

We have received a large array of responses to these questions, covering issues ranging from concerns for public transport and foreign policy to calls for better provisions for bikes and youth employment. However, some issues have risen above others as participants have identified concerns that are relevant to a large number of people across our electorate.

While our Conversations are essential to our community consultation, Voices of Warringah has also hosted public forums. Since November last year, we have held seven events in Warringah on issues of key importance, including the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Climate, Uluru Statement from the Heart, Economy,  Homelessness and Mental Health forum and Mosman and Allambie  Meet the Candidates events. We have further events planned, including a second Climate Election Candidate forum on 1 May 2019 and a transport forum on 2 May 2019, both 6.30 – 8 pm at Balgowlah RSL. All candidates were invited.

Through these events we have reached hundreds of people across Warringah. With over 500 active members and our events and Conversations, we have reached a broad range of people across Warringah. We have also established a firm understanding of what the people of Warringah care for, both locally and federally.  

Federal Election questions for Warringah candidates

Now that you the candidates have been registered, Voices of Warringah asks a series of questions on the major issues identified by residents in Warringah for the Federal election. We will publish the results in a summary scorecard, and also make your full response public.

We will publish your answers to these questions on our Website at

We promise to represent you fairly and respect your answers. Our goal is not to show favour to any particular candidate, rather, our intention is to inform the voters of Warringah as much as possible so they can make a well-considered decision on who to vote for at the next federal election.

We have structured these questions as simply as possible so that they can be answered with clear “YES” or “NO” answers. We have included at the end of this document two additional open ended questions that will require longer answers.

We thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. It is essential that the people of Warringah have their voices heard by our federal candidates. Your answers will go a long way to improving politics and political representation in the Warringah electorate.


  • If elected, will you sign the Parliamentary Transparency Charter introduced by Senator Tim Storer on 3 April 2019?[1]
  • Will you support a federal ICAC with full inquisitorial powers and appropriate funding?[2]
  • Will you commit to organising at least two public forums open to all residents of Warringah each year to report on Federal matters, and seek local views?


  • Will you commit to implementing a national integrated energy and climate policy framework for 2030 based on a low-emission development strategy for 2050, in line with the Paris Agreement?[3]
  • Will you push to bring energy taxes in line with the environmental impacts of fuel use; will you tax fuels that are currently exempt and increase tax rates that are too low?[4]
  • Will you push for the development of incentives and regulation to move freight transport from trucks to rail?[5]
  • Will you push for ending public funding for polluting coal, gas and oil industries – including tax concessions?[6]
  • Will you push for government and businesses to measure their environmental, social and cultural impact through transparent, detailed reporting frameworks?[7]


  • Will you legislate to support a permanent end to offshore processing?
  • Will you support the reform of the immigration detention system?
  • Will you push for a larger and more responsive Refugee and Humanitarian Program?
  • Will you push for an increase in Australian humanitarian support within the Asia Pacific region?[8]


  • Will you work with State and Local government to identify and protect all natural bush areas on public lands in Warringah?
  • Will you push for 70% of Australia’s plastic packaging be recycled or composted by 2025?[9]
  • Will you push for the removal of problematic and unnecessary single-use plastic packaging to be phased out through design, innovation or introduction of alternatives?[10]


  • Do you support the immediate release of all Northern Beaches Tunnel investigation reports?[11]
  • Will you ensure the publication of analysis of viable public transport alternatives to the tunnel and a full cost benefit analysis of all viable options?[12]
  • The most critical infrastructure for the Northern Beaches is facilitating mass public transport on the East-West link between Dee Why, Mona Vale and Chatswood via Northern Beaches Hospital. Significant public transport improvements in this corridor have been consistently supported at a local level, but which have been rejected by the current NSW government. Will you support this proposal through the federal system in the near future?[13]


  • Will you support mandatory inclusionary zoning for addressing housing affordability needs?[14]
  • Should appropriate development controls be imposed on development proposals by the Northern Beaches Council?[15]

Housing and Development

  • Will you advocate for at least a 25% increase in social and affordable housing?[16]
  • Will you advocate for a national funding scheme for affordable rental housing?[17]
  • Will you champion a change in policy, legislation and programs to resolve housing inequality?[18]
  • Will you work towards mandating adequate public transport access for all new development projects?


  • Will you lobby the federal government to support additional funding to hospitals to provide 1:3 nurses to patient ratio for emergency departments in NSW?[19]
  • Will you support mandatory staffing ratios in aged care facilities?[20]
  • Will you support reforms to our Medicare benefits scheme to include dental health?[21]


  • Will you restore funding to the ABC to previous levels that existed prior to the $83.7m reduction in the 2018 budget?[22]
  • Will you ensure that the ABC remains independent of political and Government influence, commercial sponsorship and advertising?[23]
  • Will you ensure that the ABC is adequately funded by the government to fulfil its role as an independent and comprehensive national public broadcaster?[24]


  • Will you make efforts to facilitate greater engagement and participation in STEM-based subjects?[25]
  • Will you advocate for greater funding of education in the next federal budget?[26]
  • Will you advocate for greater involvement in foreign language learning in NSW?[27]

Open Questions

  • What makes for a strong community?
  • What do you value the most about living in Warringah?

Thank you





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